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1. noun; term of endearment for a sweet, well-meaning, loyal, mild-mannered, somewhat slow boyfriend named for Woody Woodpecker's sometimes equine sidekick.
2. declarative; verbal command issued from pussy-equipped to pussy-whipped when the former wants something or something done from the latter.
1. "C'mon Sugarfoot, saw me in half with that thang!"
2. "Sugarfoot! Aren't you listening?!"
by Faye Valentine May 26, 2003
rated-G euphemism for ample breasts, funbags, breasticles, jugs, etc.
"Check out the okie dokes on that piece of ass over there!"
"Damn right, boy, you know you want get smothered by these okie dokes!"
by Faye Valentine May 26, 2003
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