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a Sexual act performed in a tree. A man has doggy style sex with his woman while in a tree. Right before climax the man shoves a banana up the womans ass, then when she turns around to see WTF is going on he hits her in the head with a coconut.

Tarzan yell is optional, it kind of depends on your surroundings.
I was banging this fine ass stripper in a tree, she said she liked suprises, so I banged her and shoved a banana up her ass right before I came. When she turned around to see what the hell was going on, I hit her in the head with a coconut.
I suprised that bitch with an angry tarzan.
by Fat Bastid November 30, 2006
The Irish Jump Start is a sexual position where a man has doggy style sex with his women, right before climax the man attaches a defibrillator to each of the womans ass cheeks. When the voltage is switched on the sudden surge of electricity causes the womans vagina to tighten up.
I was banging this chick doggy style, and right before I busted a nut, I hooked up a defibrillator to her ass cheeks and hit the switch making her pussy get really tight. I gave her an Irish Jump Start.
by Fat Bastid November 28, 2006

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