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From the episode of Scrubs when The Todd convinces Elliot and Carla that he was gay so they would get changed infront of him
*doctor walks by*

Todd : Is that package for me big boy ?

Elliot : Todd, what are you doing?

Todd : im getting my gay on !!
by Fat Baby February 05, 2007
To truient school. Me mark n andy walk round the village to miss lessons we dont like. Often involves writin faulse notes or shading out of school. Always fun especially in parks or woods smoking.
Either go into town, walk round the village or go to anyone's house hus parents arent in. Or visit someone who's genreally absent from school
Hey guys, you twagging ICT?

Hey, you missed out we twagged Maths

Hey, You twagging English

Hey, I hate history fo you want to twag it?

We took GCSE twagging

You get the point . . . .
by Fat Baby March 22, 2007

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