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A guy who wears abnormally tight clothing and cries about how his life "sucks" as an upper-middle class child. Usually wears make-up on a regular basis and claims to hate their life in their suburban town. Also has some hair cut with hair that goes to one side and covers their eye area. Prone to cutting themselves.
A girl who wears mostly black and has hair covering her face. Claims she wants a guy who is "in touch" with their feelings, until she actually gets in a relationship with a guy who is "in touch" with their feelings. Usually goes for a guy who wears just as much make-up and or more make-up than themselves. Also goes for guys who look much like themselves and guys who weigh less than 120 lbs. Prone to cutting themselves.
Emo music = horrible music that usually requires very little knowledge on any instrument and requires no vocal talent. The guitarist usually strums 3 cords on the guitar over and over in the same pattern.
Emo music = My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Simple plan, etc.
by Fartin it up May 06, 2007

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