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sweetheart, usually used as a term of endearment between persian couples. farsi for sweetheart. Used like/in place of baby or my love.

Azizam, how was your day?

Sina azizam, did you remember to stop by the drycleaners on your way home from work?

My azizam and i came home so trashed, but we had an awesome time!
by Farrah Malekzadeh February 06, 2006
a word of persian origin. means pussy in the farsi language.
That girl i hooked up with last week, that was the sweetest 'koss' ever man!

So much 'koss' in the room tonight!

by Farrah Malekzadeh February 06, 2006
a girl that thinks shes hot, but in reality she be lookin' like a swamp thang.
This place is full of swamp cats, not a 10 in sight.

Not all the MAC makeup in the world will help that swamp cat.

Shelly should be damn sexy to make up for her nasty attitude, but shes just another swamp cat.
by Farrah Malekzadeh January 02, 2010
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