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Simply put, to have sex with a woman. Can be used in a variety of ways, such as "gave me the Darrell", "handing out the Darrell", or "getting the Darrell".
Ex. 1
Man 1: " Dude what happened to you last night?"
Man 2: "Oh, I left with Jessica, she gave me the Darrell."

Ex. 2
Man 1: "Have you heard from Tiffany lately?"
Man 2: "No, ever since she left for college, she's been doing nothing but handing out the darrell."

Ex. 3
Man 1: "Hey where's Tammy?"
Man 2: "She's upstairs with a guy, gettin' the darrell."
#sex #intercourse #pound #darrell #vagina
by Farmjeezy November 19, 2009
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