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Prefix: Used to imply an action that is performed with enhanced creativity.
1: I opeth-owned my test!!
2: How?
1: I snuck a camoflauge barrier into the exam hall, and covering myself with it, I used a high-pressure hose to suck out all the snot in my nose. I then used a catapult made of rat-corpses to fling all the mucus at the examiner's eyes. Whilst he was still fumbling around to try and get the snot out of his eyes, I checked all the answers.
by Faraqueer March 27, 2009
1)The hesitation before entering a brothel.

2)A waffle cooked inside a brothel.
Person 1: Come on man, let's go!
Person 2: I don't know if I'm going in..
Person 1: Haha, Person 2 is having a brothelwaffle!!

Wife:I can't believe you went to a brothel!
Husband: I just wanted my brothelwaffles...
by Faraqueer March 24, 2009
A mother that devotes her time to supporting her daughter in the popular pasttime of prostitution.
1: What does your mom do?
2: She's a soccer mom, you?
1: Oh she doesn't do much, she just brings the camera down to my whorehouse every now and then...
2:Lol @ brothelmom
by faraqueer March 26, 2009
The character, played by Peter North, that seduces Faraqueer in JRR Tolkein's newest novel, Bored of the Rings: iTz Dildo time
And then Araporn, King of Gondwhore, with such a commanding and seductive presence, beckoned Eoqueer of Blowhan from the far reaches of Helm's Deepthroat
by Faraqueer March 24, 2009
A physical and emotional sensation brought on by a vast influx of inspiration of achievement. Powergasms are induced by listening to epic music or through a success in business, sports or gaming.
1:Dude, why was that guy at the back bus was punching the air and pushing his chest out?
2:I'm pretty sure he has a powergasm from listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack...

1:Is it just me or has Randy developed a nervous twitch?
2:It's not a nervous twitch, he's just had a perpetual powergasm for the past week since he got promoted.
by Faraqueer October 20, 2009
To reach a certain degree of fame where your name or anything directly affiliated with you comes up in the Google toolbar as a recommendation.
Fame-hungry band member:
"Hey dude, guess what, our band's popularity is soaring!"
"That's great, how can you tell? Lots of CDs sold?"
Fame-hungry band member:
"Naw dude, I typed in 'Black Sabb' into the google toolbar, and 'Black Sabbath' came up as a recommendation - we're google famous!"
by Faraqueer May 27, 2009
The diary a dictator writes when inside a whorehouse as opposed to in prison.
Mao Zedong completed the 15th volume of his brothelkampf at the Jade Lotus.
by Faraqueer March 26, 2009

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