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A person who wears so much make-up that it covers their entire face and if a area of the neck is exposed can clearly see a line where the clay or make-up meets the true skin. Typically found in Boots fragerence sections and other make-up shops. Also known as "Being Tangoed".
Paul: Did you see that chicks face dude, was it too much make-up or just me?!
James: Yeah TOTAL Clay Face!
Paul: I could smell her perfume from 2 floors up man!
James: I think I brushed by her and a piece of it rubbed off on me.
Paul: You kept the minimum safe distance right...you know that shit can travel to 6 meters if a slice falls off?
James: SHIT!!
by Fanny Hurts May 02, 2006
Someone with a really hairy ass and that you can't see skin for the obstruction of hair.
If I shaved that ass I'd be able to make a Persian rug from it dude!

Total carpet asser...we could open a shop with that ass!
by Fanny Hurts May 02, 2006
1) A person with teeth that havn't fully grown out of their gums yet giving the impression they've been hit in the mouth by a machete cutting off their teeth in a straight horizonal line with surgical precision.

2) A person with too many metal piercings in their face looking as if they where too close to a grenade when it went off piercing their face with shrapnel(that can later be melted down to make a machete), making them seem as if they've got a bigger more annoying grin or smile.
Biff: Hey Jeff, this is my friend Heff.
Jeff: Nice to meet...woah dude thats up with your teeth!?
Heff: I've got Machete Mouth Syndrome.
Jeff: Shit dude! You ever heard of Ribena Tooth Kind!?

Greg: Hey dude the chick I was railing lastnight was so wild until she smiled at me dude...serious Machete Mouth goin on there.
Mike: Shit man...did you nail her anyways?
Mike: AWESOME Your sweet man!

Peter: Did you see that guys face? It was full of metal what was wrong with him?
Henry: Machete Mouth...a serious case!
by Fanny Hurts May 02, 2006
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