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A Tv show featuring large walking bananas in striped pajamas. Ususlly found chasing teddy bears.
Me: I want your real dad to come abduct you
Child: But can we watch Bananas in Pajamas first?
by Falliokiosaurus Rex May 07, 2005
A burger chain found in only the West coast. The menu consists of A cheese burger, Hamburger, double double (two patties on that bitch!), fries sodas and shakes. You don't have to semd your whole god damned day deciding what you want like those other lame sauce chains like Mc D's. Also can be a breakfast lunch or dinner food. Even has a catchy little theme song. And is pretty cheap.
Friend 1:Hey can i have some of your in-n-out?
Friend 2: HELL NAW!! I HAD TO WAIT IN LINE FOR 3 HOURS TO GET THIS!!::sings:: in in out .. in in out that what our hamburgers all about.
Friend 1: Just a bite?
Friend 2: Touch my in-in-out and i will cut you foo.. BACK UP OFF!..you can lick the wrapper fool.
by Falliokiosaurus Rex May 15, 2005
A lame ass sect of an ancient religion characterized by the sluttiest most popular people studying it. Real Jews call them Faux-jew and don't invite them over for Sader.
Paris Hilton studied Kabbalah for a week but the excommincated her for being too slutty and stupid, it's ok now she's studing scientology.
by Falliokiosaurus Rex May 15, 2005

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