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A black man who happens to be the supreme overlord of the universe and 38 states of America, and of those left out states he is president. Also secretly the pope, and the single most richest man in the world, accumulating a wealth of a least 900 trillion dollars. Says is NZ-born, but in reality was sent from our ancestors of the universe, sent to save the world with his money and superiority. Bradley was the original Chuck Norris, however, became tired of this profession, and the particles around him to form a new chuck Norris. Can pay anything to do his will. Possible re-incarnation of Jesus. Few are worthy to stand in his presence. The population of the universe are his subjects. Upon nearing Bradley, one must prostrate ones self, and pray over 9000 prayers of thankfulness to the almighty for gracing us with his existence.
<subject1> Oh look, there's Bradley Griffin-Salt!
<subject2> All Hail!
by Faithful Subject October 28, 2012

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