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A Wiccan is a person who follows the religion wicca. Wiccans are sometimes classed as "Witches". This is true but usually a witch is someone who includes spells with their wiccan studies (this is the majority of wiccans). People who do this are sometimes refered to as "Wiccan Witches".

Wiccans can be solitary practitioners (on their own) or be part of a coven. Covens don't normally accept wiccans under the age of 18.

Some do persecute or lie about wiccans because of scary images of people dancing around fires naked, but wicca is actually a very peaceful and harmonious religion, although some practitioners do go "skyclad" (naked) if they feel comfortable. Usually going skyclad is just classed as getting in touch with nature.

Some wiccans do wear alot of black, not because they are goths, but because some believe that black helps them channel energy.

A typical stereotype is that wiccans worship the devil. This is not true. In fact they believe in the goddess and the god.
Another stereotype is that wiccans "hex" or "curse" people. There are some wiccans who decide to study "black magick" but very few actually practise it because it comes back to the crafter by the threefold law (basically the threefold law is the equilvent of "what goes around comes around" but in wicca it is "An Ye Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt."
"Don't go near her! She's a witch! She'll curse you!" Not true!
by Faith Riordan November 30, 2004

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