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A county located in NorCal in the North Bay Area, halfway between Sactown and the Sucka Free. Includes the cities Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield (The Flatts, Squarefield or Fairfuck), Rio Vista, Vacaville (Crackaville, Cowtown), Vallejo and Suisun. Part of the 707 and hailed by such rappers as Mac Dre, E-40, The Federation, Turf Talk, etc. Birthplace of the infamous Bill Buckner who ruined the Red Sox's chances in the 1986 World Series. Also the birthplace of C.C. Sabathia, Jeff Gordon, Papa Roach and other unlucky people. It is a shithole and everyone who lives there needs to get the FUCK OUT.
"Yeah I'm from Solano County... Yeah there are lots of rednecks, gangstas and cows... Yeah it sucks
by Fairfield Rob November 22, 2006

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