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I think it's called love...It all starts when you admit the love for each other: When you know down in your gut that you should but it's so hard for you to put the words "i love you" into the chat box. You want to because you have a feeling this would work out... so you do it and you force yourself to press enter revealing the words "i love you" in the chat bubble. And your stomach dives down to your knees. And then the bubble showing that he is replying and then... "i love you too" and this force seems to rocket up your legs, through you mid section, straight up your throat and the ends of your mouth curve...
Then there come the moment when he asks you out: He doesn't have texting but he uses his friend's phones all the time to text you. When you see that his friends number is calling... your stomach shudders and you rush over to pick up. You answer... It's his friend telling you he wants to go out with you. Excited and disappointed that it's not him... You hear him in the background and all of a sudden you can't catch your breathe and your cheeks are flared fire engine red. The he calls back and ask you out... You say yes of course!
It's even better when he tells you he loves you for real: You're talking and then... I have to go but I love you so much!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3. Guess what? You love him back!
When you're without his presence: You want to cry because your heart feels like it's been drained. You miss him even though it's only been a few hours! The only contact you have... Is texting and that's not exactly what you want. You want him to hold you but you can't have that so your gut wrench up toward your throat threatening to throw it up. You hold it in. You miss him sorely but just the picture of him holding you in your mind cools your stomach down, remember, you will see him tomorrow. And your stomach calms down and the end of your face pull up towards your eyes once again.

That is love.
"How come I feel sick whenever I look him in the eye?" she asked confused. "That would be love."
by Fadfasdkfjia;ds May 20, 2008
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