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One Good Producer,Owns His Label,So So Def,With Artists Like Lame Bow Wow(Hes Gay),Da Brat,And Jagged Edge,And New Gay Guy That Diss Jin,SunN.YTheir Debuts Went Platnium,Made Great Beats Like
1.Welcome To Atlanta
2.Ballin Outta Control
Dude One:Yo Mane Ya Heard Da New Joint From JD?
Dude Two:Who Is JD?
Dude One:Jermaine Dupri!!
Dude Two:Oh' Fa Sho Ya Heard? I Gotta Getcha Getcha Getcha.....
Dude One:You Gay?
Dude Two:Naw
Dude One:IIght Den
by Fa'ReLL October 24, 2005

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