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GOOGLE is shit and is bent on only dominating the fucking world. They track everything you post write and email to anyone. Google should fuck off before doing anything further. IF ANY GOOGLE PERSON SEES THIS I WANT YOU TO TELL YOUR COMPANY TO FUCK OFF AT ALL FUCKING COSTS!
Guy 1: Hey dude wanna use google for info
Guy 2: No fucking way google can suck a dick for all any normal person should think.
Guy 1: Oh well why?
Guy 2: Check the internet they can explain you.
Retarded Guy: Hey whats up here google talk like how good they are!
Guy 2: Dude please fuck off.
Retard Guy: Shit I'm going to listen to Justin Bieber
Guy 1 and 2: Man that guy is a fucking retard and a fucking asshole.
by FUCK YOU GOOGLE April 29, 2012

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