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A person who smears peanut butter on their reproductive organs and has a dog lick it of for the sole purpose of sexual gradification.
That sick fucker is a total FUCK NUTT! He smears peanut butter on his cockandballs and has his dog lick it off!
by FUCK NUTT December 07, 2007
Cunts and fags, usually WASP's (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) with upper middle class backgrounds. The average Kuntzenfagen typically belonging to sororities or fraternities. These "people" are generally known to be very rude, pushy, intoxicated, addicted to one or more illegal narcotics or prescription drugs, and do not tip very well at drinking establishments.
"oh man, down at the pub last night, it got overrun by Kuntzenfagen! After those fuckers showed up, 3 fights broke out and one of them puked all over the bar! Fuck those spoiled, rich Kuntzenfagen! None of them tipped and they all payed with credit cards."
by Fuck Nutt September 29, 2007
Farting inside of a room or small, enclosed space.
That guy ate too many bean burritos. He filled the bar with Tijuana Air Freshener. Man that dudes ass smells so bad!
by FUCK NUTT December 10, 2007

A mythical "place" were folks haven't or won't take it in the "south". Virgins to, or haters of anal sex.
She wouldn't let me stick her in the stink tube, I think she is from South Virginia.
by Fuck Nutt January 20, 2008
Baltimore footsies is rubbing one's erect penis between another person's persons feet to the point of ejaculation.
He loves to fuck feet. That guy can play Baltimore footsies like five times a night!
by FUCK NUTT December 07, 2007
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