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The gesture used by people on every other myspace photo.
Thumbs Up Drinking Game:

Go on myspace.

Go to any profiles picture albums.

Every time you see a thumbs up picture, drink a shot.

by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 10, 2008
AKA Rocker Shocker, AKA "Rock On!!" sign, AKA Horn; this hand gesture is for Texans and true metal fans only.

It doesn't mean rock on, doesn't mean you are an instant metalhead or rocker, it expresses love for metal.

Popularized by Ronnie James Dio].
1) Guitar Hero Fanboy: (Throws Up Corna) I am so rockin'!!

Me: You know who Dio is??

GH Fanboy: No.

Me: Then STFU!!!!

2) Average mongoloid: Hey, I'm a metal for life!!!

Me: Hey, what's a corna??

Mongoloid: Duh....... I dunno. LOL!

Me: Then STFU!!!!
by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 10, 2008
A fictional disease. The closest depression in a teen is called angst].
This is Michelle. She is a teen who suffers teen depression. She has been depressed ever since her boyfriend of 6 hours broke up with her via text. She must have it so hard.
by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 10, 2008
For bands like Voivod, Slayer, Death, etc. moshing is a brutal amount of shoving and shit.

For bands like Job For A Cowboy, Slipknot, Lamb Of God (Any hot topic core bands), mosh is:


Mosh pits are for real metal bands, mostly thrash, not mallcore LOG "Wall of bad Breath" bullshit.
by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 10, 2008
Source for cooking and sex.
Hey, female. FUCK YOUR FICTIONAL RIGHTS!! Fuck me then make me a sammich, dumb cunt.
by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 10, 2008

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