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1 definition by FSB'10

Baltimore Prep

1.Private schools better than most colleges
4.Roland Park
6.Mount Washington
7.Greenspring Valley
8.Bolton Hill (for the prep living on the edge)
9.Towson and Lutherville, if you cannot afford the above
12.Roland Park Five (Friends, Gilman, Roland Park, Bryn Mawr, Boys Latin)
13.Baltimore Country Club
14.The Big Three (Roland Park, Guilford, Homeland)
15.Parents who work in medicine, law or finance
17.Brown University
18.Brooks Brothers
19.Hating Duke
20.The unbelievably huge houses in Blythewood (that you haven’t heard of)
21.L’Hirondelle Club
22.Jewish Food (bagels, lox, etc.)
23.The Gilman School (very well known outside Baltimore, 24% acceptance rate)
24.Liberal Arts Colleges (Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore, Middlebury)
25.The Maryland Club
27.Loco Hombre
28.Rita’s Italian Ice
29.Xbox, PS3, COD4
30.Cohen’s Clothier
31.Roland Park Country School (easier than Bryn Mawr, makes housewives)
32.Bryn Mawr School (academically harder than RPCS, makes lawyers, doctors, businesswomen)
33.Uggs Boots
34.Notre Dame Prep
35.Maryvale Prep (safety school to NDP)
36.Eddie’s of Roland Park
37.Legacy status
38.Greene Turtle
39.Too much homework
41.Working for Classic Catering Company
42.Inherited money or anything inherited in general
43.Getting in trouble at Towson Commons
44.The Terrapins
45.TC Wing Chinese Hand Laundry (they wrap the laundry with brown paper and twine and there is even a 2 year waiting list, which I am currently waiting on)
46.Seersucker (shorts as a teenager, suit as adult)
47.Jos A. Bank
48.Jemicy School (for the dyslexic prep)
49.Natural Ice (Natty Ice for those in the know)
50.Having parents on the board of stuff (schools, libraries, museums)
51.Worthington Valley
52.Boys’ Latin (Gilman’s safety school)
53.Having absolutely no knowledge of Downtown Baltimore
54.North Face
55.Pulling strings to get stuff you aren’t qualified for (college mostly)
56.Golden Retrievers
57.Christian sects with lots of syllables (Presbyterianism, Episcopalianism, Anglicanism, Unitarianism, Congregationalism)
58.Gangsta Rap
61.Plaid and Madras shorts
62.Making fun of Towson University and Loyola College
63.Senior Week
64.The Fractured Prune
65.University of Pennsylvania
66.Field Hockey
69.Gym Drills/Day (Bryn Mawr, NDP, Maryvale)
70.Mount Washington Tavern
71.Pearl Necklaces
72.T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason
75.Bryn Mawr vs. St. Timothy’s
76.Friends School of Baltimore- (hardest classes of the Roland Park Five, all classes AP-level)
78.BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, Volvos in abundance
79.Meadowmill Athletic Club
80.St. Paul’s School (Boys and Girls)
81.Lexus SUVs
82.Blue blazer and khaki pants
83.Towson Mall
84.Petit Louis
85.Maryland Hunt Cup
86.Livestrong Bracelets
87.Hunt Clubs: Elkridge, Greenspring Valley
88.University of Virginia- (lacrosse, popped collars, pastels, what’s not to love?)
89.Garrison Forest School
91.Loyola Blakefield
93.The Ivy League (mostly Brown and Penn, Gilman kids love Princeton, but none get in, unlike their fathers and grandfathers)
94.Miss Shirley’s (breakfast and brunch)
97.Polo Ralph Lauren (as stated above, Abercrombie and American Eagle are trashy and fake, Hollister too)
98.Mastering the art of driving drunk and/or high
99.The Preakness, infield with friends, grandstands with family
100.Virgin Fest
Baltimore Prep: I'm from Baltimore.
Someone not from MD: Oh, I love The Wire.
Baltimore Prep: What?
by FSB'10 December 26, 2008
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