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A moniker of derision for the Ford Mustang. Combines the reek of the Mustang with the word stank.
Look at that Mustank just sit there. I hear that Mo-FO flooring it but nothing's happening ha ha haaaaa!
by FORD is da beeeeyotch! July 15, 2003
Forever Overheating Rusted Dodge
F*cked Over, Retarded Drivers
For Our Reliable Dipshits
Found Often Returned (to) Dealer
See Mustank or Mustang or Tang
I never bought a Ford and I am a better person because of it. I can feel my superiority over the fools who are Ford fanboys because I have an IQ exceeding 30, and a car that can exceed speeds of 30 as well.
by FORD is da beeeeyotch! July 15, 2003
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