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A group of male college students who claim to uphold the ideals of Ancient Greece in their daily lives. Oftentimes, they actually do just this, and their members are much more cultured, kind, and devoted than the general public. However, there are some severely fucktarded ones that cater to the stereotype of groups of boorish womanizing idiots walking around calling everyone who isn't in a fraternity a GDI. There are some notable differences between these two types of fraternities:

1. Everyone joining a fraternity gets hazed. However, the second type usually subjects recruits to perverted and disturbing methods, and usually treats them like throwaway peons instead of potential brothers.

2. Members of the first type generally care about getting good grades. Members of the second are too busy thinking about how awesome they are for having so many friends.

3. Members of the first type care about appearing to be productive members of society. Others are in it to bang dumb sorostitiutes and get drunk/high, and care nothing about "Greek ideals"

4. Members of the first type are likable. Members of the second type aren't, and should be cornered and beaten when none of their friends are around to flaunt how worthless they really are.
Some members of a fraternity can be downright nasty. Don't lump them in with the members of a real fraternity
by FFS why am I being asked August 02, 2009

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