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Shaka Brah is a phrase that derives its base origins from the popular terms "Shocker" and "Bro", two terms that apart have very commonplace use in a chill environment but together they mean something completely different, Shaka Brah most nearly means to shocker a bro. When used by a not chill person or suspect bromosexual this term is an open acknowledgement of the bromo addressed's bromosexuality. Subsequently conveying a request to shocker one another.... (although one shall never know how they go about doing this..unless one is a bromosexual)

1.) Shaka brah
Bromo - "Oh yea Johnny Shaka brah.... ;)"
Bro A - "uhhhh are you guys seeing this?"
Bro B - "... that just broke my gaydar..."
by FDaddyDougie November 10, 2011
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