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A craze where complete idiots in an attempt to gain popularity with their complete idiot friends film themselves attacking innocent passers by.
this happened to me once , there was 2 boys about my age and one had a video phone pointed at me and the other was walking over to me , the boy went to happy slap me and I headbutted the tosser right in the nose and chased his friend off. Though if it happens to you and theres more people , just run.
by FCUKIN CHAVS October 12, 2005
Drug that may seem great at first but it is proven that if young people smoke it , it will alter your brains and they will never return the way they were , and it has been proven it causes skitzophrenia and many other mental illnesses , dont listen to the people advising it on this site as it will destroy your brain and your life
idiot:Lets smoke weed
Intelligent person: No thanks , Id rather stay sane.
by FCUKIN CHAVS October 12, 2005
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