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New York City, 2001
(1) (adj/adv/v) to be not good, pleasing or "cool" or to be tainted or stained
(2) (n) -a common noun used for any place, thing or substance, or -a proper noun used as a semi-sarcastic term of endearment
(3) (n) a sticky, gooey substance

Most often used as "bouge," but there are almost endless variations in form (bouged, bougie, bougified, bouged out, bouginess, whatever) used to indicate subtle differences in meaning. May be used to refer to absolutely anyone or anything.
"Getting up early is so bouge." (Getting up early sucks.)
"Damn, I bouged my white shirt." (I got a stain on my white shirt.)
"This party is bougified." (This party sucks. Let's leave.)
"I am so bouged out." (I am so tired/depressed.)
"What's with the bouginess?" (Why are you grouchy?"
"You said that so bougily." (That was mean.)
"Hey Bouge!" (Hey Honey!)
"There's bouge on the table." (There's dirt on the table.)
"He bouged me out of $20." (He screwed me out of $20."
by FCLC 2004 February 28, 2005

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