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Red herrings were often used by jail birds to mislead hound dogs that were tracking them.

The expression "red herring" refers to something that is misleading.
His wedding ring is a red herring, he is definately gay.
by F B August 31, 2007
Order of dress between Business Attire and Casual.

For men, this consists of a collared shirt with jacket without a tie. The pattern and colour of the jacket do not have to match with the pants.

For women, this order of dress offers a wide range of options. Skirt or pants are both fully acceptable. Jacket is optional.

Smart Casual is another way of saying no jeans and T-Shirt.

Wear business clothes in a relaxed fashion.
What are you wearing to the reception tomorrow night?

-Smart Casual

-Sounds good.
by F B May 25, 2008
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