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3 definitions by F 1 B 3 R

A woman that frequents the giving end of a glory hole..
You know her, shes that glory hole queen from the club..
by F 1 B 3 R September 07, 2010
19 6
Is when a woman starts her period while having unprotected intercourse. After the man finishes inside her the resultant excrement is known as the strawberry milk shake.
Pittman never paid for the sex but he did give her the strawberry milk shake. She left it in the sink for him..
by F 1 B 3 R September 08, 2010
23 11
The act of taking a dump and not wiping, Then having oral intercourse with your partner. Right before you climax sit on their face and then finish on their face.
Well I had to go to the bathroom and they were out of toilet paper. So of course she got the poo poo plater..
by F 1 B 3 R September 08, 2010
2 11