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Any MALE that wears Eyeliner(Girls CAN NOT! go under this deff. because, 2 many girls wear eyeliner)Eyeliners R individuals, mostly Emo/Goth &/or wear tight clothing, & somtimes Pale...But, They do not have 2 just 2 be an eyeliner...Eyeliners R VERY VERY cool/sexy/nice ppl

NO!!!!! Eyeliners R APSOLUTLY NOT GAY!!! They can be gay BUT! Most of them R NOT! They're just COOL! Althought sometimes they R Bi..=D
(Faggot Jock)-DUDE! HA-HA! Look at those LOSER over there in the Eyeliner They're SOOOO GAY!
(Me)- SHUT UP!!!! Your just Jealous because, YOUR not sexy enough 2 were Eyeliner! LMAO!!!

by Eyeliners SHALL RULE!!! July 01, 2005

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