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2 definitions by Extreme Hangman

A Texas based pop-punk band who KICK ASS!!! BFS are gods, I don't care what you say! They are hilarious and will make you feel better when you're sad! Everyone who doesn't like them has probably only heard 1985 and thinks "wow they suck they don't even write their own songs!" That's not true!!! SR-71 passed the song on to Jarret to use as his own! It doesn't matter! The haters won't even listen to ROHO, Lets Do It For Johnny, Or Drunk Enough to Dance! They hear one song and hate BFS forever!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you want to live your life without the Ray of sunshine BFS is, watever...
Awesome Bowling for Soup Songs:
Punk Rock 101
The Bitch Song
Girl All the Bad Guys Want
by Extreme Hangman February 09, 2010
A punk subgenre, originally introduced in the 1970s, but obtained worldwide commercial success in 1990s and early 2000s, thanks mainly to Green Day, Blink-182, Rancid, and The Offspring.

Most definitions of pop-punk on this site put down several bands, like Simple Plan.

What Pop-punk really is is the fast, loud guitars of punk rock, but with catchy, usually light, melodies. Lyrics aren't meant to be political or angry.

Today's mainstream pop-punk is extremely different from that of the 90s, sounding more like emo, with moody, one-hit bands in hollister sweaters wearing a backwards hat.

The chart-topping bands of 2004 aren't recieving as much attention as before.
Good Pop-Punk:
Green Day

Bad Pop-Punk:
All Time Low
by Extreme Hangman February 07, 2010