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To force-feed ones hairy ball sack into the vertically positioned and open bung-tunnel of a friend or foe.

John - "Ok Jane, it's time for the Chimney Sweeper!"

Jane - "What's that?"

John - "Bend over and I'll show you."

Jane - "No John, really? Quit playing games and tell me."

John - "Sorry Jane, you're right. The Chimney Sweeper is where you take off your sweatpants, lay on your back, then roll your knees back until they touch your shoulders. This way your butt hole opens up and stares straight at the clouds above. Then I'll hover over your puckered poo packer and plunge both of my not-so-recently shaven jizz tanks past the event horizon of your turd socket. Duh!?"

Jane - "Oh dear. Are you serious?"

John - "Yes Jane, yes I am"
by Extra Normal April 04, 2009
The deposit left upon a lovers chin when the woman uncontrollably orgasms in a bout of face sitting and leaves behind a dollup of unexpected butt pudding.
Sarah - "yeah, yeaaAah, more teeth, yessss more teeeth!"

Randy - "mmmmMMmmmmooOOoooo Blalb llbl abubub ubububuuu"

Sarah - "mmmmMMm ok, I'm--I'mmmm Ooohhhhhhhhh-----!!!!OOOoops!!!!! - Uuuuhhhhh??? Babe, hand me a baby wipe please, I left a Peppermint Patty on your chin"
by Extra Normal January 25, 2009
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