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A short man who is also a bodyguard for a woman with a really big ass.

Taken from the short animated film "The Bootyguard," in which Gary Coleman gets a job as Jennifer Lopez's bodyguard.
Not only is Tony her personal assistant, he is also her bootyguard.
by Extra Mayo August 30, 2011
When a man using a urinal adjacent to yours, tries to watch you pee.
Damn, the guy next to me was trying to do a peek-a-pee. I should have used one of the stalls.
by Extra Mayo January 26, 2013
When two guys using a urinal and one guy using a stall start a conversation inside a men's restroom.
"When I walked in I kind of freaked out because there was a two #1 one #2 situation going on."
by Extra Mayo January 11, 2013
How Filipinos pronounce "Las Vegas."
We are all going to "Las Begas" to watch the Manny Pacquiao fight.
by Extra Mayo January 22, 2013
The art of layering the surface of toilet water with toilet paper to minimize the sound of splashing.
That's the last time I have Taco Bell for lunch at work. Now I'm going to have to do some ninja pooping.
by Extra Mayo January 27, 2013
Liking someone else's Facebook post, picture, or comment even if you don't. Usually done so it seems you're a really good friend.
I think Sarah's going to unfriend me if I don't do some serious facejobbing the next few days.
by Extra Mayo February 17, 2013
What Filipinos who hate the 49ers, call Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Pek pek means pussy in Tagalog.
If we can't stop Kaeperpekpek on this drive, we are going to lose the Super Bowl!
by Extra Mayo February 09, 2013

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