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Verb. To be looking at or thinking about the same thing as your lover. Inspired by Fievel Mousekewitz from An American Tail.
"I can see the water tower by your house from the park by my house!"

"Awh I was just looking at the water tower, we were totally Fievelling.
by Extra Bec April 14, 2010
A super hot, smart, funny, overall amazing fox of a man.
"Damn! Did you see that guy that just went by?"

"Yes! He was a total Old Dan Tucker."
by Extra Bec April 14, 2010
A woman's vulva and/or vagina.
Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get some squishy lily this weekend!
by Extra Bec April 28, 2010
When a man masturbates whilst pooping.
"Oh man, Kimberly sent me a pic while I was on the toilet last night and it totally got me to dump the jerk."

"Nasty dude. That's my sister."
by Extra Bec April 14, 2010

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