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Like a stand up 69 but the woman tit fucks instead of giving head.
Dude me and my Girlfriend did the tennassee titty fuck last night, im so soar.
by Exploding Tacos July 20, 2010
When playing a video game, you keep dieing at your spawn. Much like spawn killing but spawn killing only can happen once this has to happen over 6 times.
dude we are getting spawnfucked by that guy in the warthog.
by Exploding Tacos July 19, 2010
1 The act of being a bitch and an ass, usually a woman.

2 A woman with her ass hanging out of her tight jeans and is dressed as a slut.

3 Another work used to describe a person being an asshole.
You look very bitchassy today!
by Exploding Tacos July 19, 2010
Originating in Carnation, WA. Pilgro is a term used to describe on of the blacks in a populations not having many black people in it.
That is one of the only pilgro's here!
by Exploding Tacos July 19, 2010
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