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A rap battle is when 2 rappers go head to head and use intricate, and creative punchlines. They may use metaphor's, name or word play, or personals. There are on beat rap battles such as the ones that take place on BET'S 106 & PARK. Or acapella, where they rappers spit without a beat. There are several acapella rap battle leagues taking the game by storm such as, Grind Time, URL, Dont Flop, and Fight Klub.
Here are some examples of punchlines used in a rap battle said by well known battle rappers.

Loaded Lux: "Bitch you aint a crip ill make you flip like a jolly dolphin/ Lie on a track, die on ya back with the trolly chargin/ broke ya neck now, poke ya chest out like Dolly Parton"

Iron Solomon: "Im the one thats causing fear/ when Harry set up this battle he was like Paul Rever/ The British are coming the british are coming/ But history proved THE BRITISH ARE NOTHING!"

Farnum: "See i know lies and 90 percent of yo stuffs cooked up/ now i respect NY legends like pun but that dont make you a crook cuz/ yeah you from Queens home of 50, Nas, and Mobb Deep but look son/ I battled Many Men, But it aint hard to tell, that im battlin a shook one!"

Hollow Da Don: "Yall could believe him im coochi/ I got the word in philly he spark the tooly/ He grab the M16, Let off the Uzi/ Shiiit on call of Duty!"
by Expert Detox March 24, 2010

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