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A small, private liberal arts college overlooking Mt. Hope Bay in Bristol, Rhode Island. Known primarily for its architecture, marine biology, and engineering programs, it attracts students from all over the world (Bhutan, Vietnam, France, South Africa, Brazil, etc) but mostly from New England and the greater northeast who come from upper-middle class backgrounds and are attracted to the school because of its well-groomed campus (which becomes one giant puddle in the winter).

RWU, as it's abbreviated, is frequently ranked #1 in the country for its sailing team. The teaching staff is full of professors who have taught at Brown, RISD, and Boston schools.

Campus culture varies widely based on your social group, ranging from WASPy old-money aristocrats to hard lesbians, scary Asians and the type of people who major in "Criminal Justice". One constant is the prevalence of North Face jackets and Uggs, though this is more indicative of New England in general than RWU.
Roger Williams University student #1: "I'm from Princeton, drive a BMW and belong to a yacht club."

Roger Williams University student #2: "That's interesting. I'm from Fall River and supply the campus lesbians with marijuana."
by Existential moose September 15, 2011

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