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A cult. You go to the dorm expecting to jam out on guitar, and all of a sudden, you're swallowed in by much mischief that at first seems fun...but you know what they say about first impressions. The members are called Shangonauts. General admission requires some sort of 'initiation' hidden under the guise of 'operations'. They follow their ten commandments, and dis frats, cults, and hipsters, but love communism and anarchy. They're quite contradictory. You will become one with Shango. Be careful. You'll miss the weed once you leave, but nothing else.

As for their motto? Fuck it, it's college.
Hey guys, let's go to Shango, and fuck shit up.

You are SO Shango.

You are officially a Shangonaut.

We must participate in Shangoish activities.
by Ex Shangonaut October 18, 2010

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