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1 definition by Ex PC Gamer

Generally an elitist moron who claims that a Personal Computer is the best platform to play video games on. They say this because they are able to modify their systems to their liking.

They also claim this despite the fact that PCs generally have fewer exclusives, smaller screens, higher costs, as well as having both glitchier and delayed versions of games that are available on multiple platforms.

Most PC "gamers" are actually just tech enthusiasts, not gamers, as they don't actually care about games, only about their rig.
PC Gamer: I can run this game at 213 FPS!

Actual Gamer: Cool. What's the gameplay like?

PC Gamer: Game what?

Actual Gamer: Ugh, another PC "gamer".
by Ex PC Gamer April 25, 2012