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An autonomous community in Northern Spain which also extends into Southern France (where it is known as Pays Basque). Many Basques consider themselves to be a separate people from the French and the Spanish.

The Basques have their own language called Euskera and use it in combination with Spanish or French (depending on which region of the Basque country they are from) in their everyday dialect. The Basques' favourite sports are cycling, football and their own 'Basque sports', rugby is also extremely popular in the French region of the Basque country. Basque chefs are famous for their cooking abilities and Basque seafood dishes are renowned my many throughout the world.

Many Basques wish for there to be self determination for the Basque country, which means that they want there to be a vote which decides whether they can form their own country or not. However this is unlikely to happen because it would require both the Spanish and French governments to cooperate in handing territory over to the Basques. The participating governments, particularly in Spain, would also risk losing popularity amongst the wider national community if they were to do this.
"I am not Spanish, I am Basque."
by Ewan Short August 23, 2006
The world's foremost televised human zoo which commonly features a number of disturbed and/or disturbing people.

Captive subjects are dehumanised through a number of degrading and humiliating tasks until they reach an animal-like state.

Inmates have been known to adopt animal-like behaviour patterns as they aggressively confront other inmates and reach a high level of sexual activity.

The television audience is able to release their chosen inmate on a weekly basis through a public vote.

'Dude, why is that guy rolling around on the floor of this shop and barking at the customers?'

'He was on Big Brother.'
by Ewan Short August 18, 2006

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