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Person of Hispanic descent, usually present in the United States illegally, who supposedly came for a better quality of life; but who, in actuality, only imported third world living conditions and display no intention whatsoever of contributing to the society they invaded. For example, refusing to even attempt to achieve legal citizenship status, refusing to learn English, engaging in criminal activity, and behaving as if they're justified in all of these insults because of an idiotic notion about Aztlan (see: made-up fairytale bullshit used to justify racist idiocy.) and because left-wing dipshits tell them these things are all acceptable (tacitly giving American citizens and LEGAL immigrants the finger when they do so.)
Examples are self-evident nationwide, none is needed here. You know what a spic is and whether you like it or not, you know the term is accurate for tens of millions of people illegally present in the U.S.
by Evil HST November 02, 2008

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