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A retarded voice casting and dubbing studio, hell bent on ahnialating all trace of seriousness in any anime they touch, adding stupid dialogue, changing characters and story, censoring things for no reason(or not very good reasons) and editing things gratuitously, also believing women are not meant ot have breasts.

Also do not pay attention, and make many blunders.
"Nooo! My Celtic Gaurdian!"
~Joey Wheeler(aka Katsuya Jyounouchi)

(Celtic Gaurdian was Yugi's monster, not Joey's)

~4Kids super wanker bastards
by Evil Count Proteus May 25, 2004
The infamous battlcry of The Tick, invented by said super hero in order to battle The Terror and his band of super villains.(including Starlings look-a-like)
"And to you evil doers out thier, I say this... KNock off all that evil! Spoooooooooooon!!!!"
~The Tick
by Evil Count Proteus May 25, 2004

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