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1 definition by Every Disqus User

A a unified comment system API used by sites such as Wired, Engadget, and various other "Web 2.0" sites.

Benefits of using Disqus include users needing only a single login for multiple sites and easy integration into existing page templates.

Disadvantages of Disqus are that it's a slow, buggy piece of shit that never works right.
Nice article, but can you stop using Disqus? This thing sucks balls.

I agree with most of your points, but you need to remember Sony said the same thing 5 years ago. edit: bloody disqus, this was supposed to be a reply to Jacob.

Oh shit, when did this site start using Disqus?

Goddamn! Using Disqus is like getting sodomized by Hitler!

Disqus is fine, stop spamming up the comments with complaining about it. Registered just to say this.
by Every Disqus User March 03, 2011
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