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The verb form of the acronyn of BAMF ( which stands for Bad ass mother fucker)
Shawn: How was your weekend.

Dave: went to Canada.

Shawn: how was it?

Dave: It was BAMFin.
#bad ass mother fucker #bad ass #mother fucker #fucker #ass
by Eve Tsobst July 01, 2009
the compound of the phrase "for real"
Joe: I fuck Ashley last night.

Bill: Forrealziz, i have been trying to hit that forever.
#for real #forealziz #forrealiz #forrealze #forrealzize
by Eve Tsobst July 01, 2009
Doing something so amazing that only Jesus could be thought to have done.
Did you see that goal in the football game last night?

Yeah. It was Jesus Status
#jesus #status #rape #bamf #bamfin
by Eve Tsobst July 24, 2009
The lack of common sense. Mostly by African Americans.
Marquis: "Ay nigga you wanna hit dat movie joint up"

Nick: "Nigga you got da nigga sense. It's 3 in the mornin nigga"

Marquis: "Damn nigga I do got dat nigga sense. My bad son"
#nigga #black #sense #niggaz #nigga moment
by Eve Tsobst July 02, 2009
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