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An Eve-Online related term.

A reminder to not get too worked up about the game.

It goes along with the game "chase the ball": AKA soccer.

Soccer can be a serious sport. But when you put a bunch of 3 year-olds on the field, the parents of said 3 year-olds often need reminding of what those kids are really playing.

Even when dealing with profession levels, it is still just a game of "chase the ball". Maybe if people used that term more often there would be less violence and rioting in connection with the sport.

The term "internet spaceships" serves as a simple reality check, that this is only a game, and people should not be building their lives entirely around something so trivial.
Original post by "Ki Tarra"
Someone said "internet spaceships are more important than life and death to you" and I said "Listen, it's more important than that"
by Eve Online dude March 17, 2008

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