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The act of substituting or changing a word to incorporate the word bro to make you more awesome or appealing to a crowd of fellow males.
Examples of Bromenclature :
"Randall hooked it up with a fake I.D. so I could mack on all the skeezy bar sleeze. What a fuckin Bromosapien."
"Dude, Eric copped out on us again to hang out with his woman, what a faux-breaux."
"Thanks for the lift Brobi Wan Kenobi!"
by Evan C October 20, 2007
an insult that can be used at any time refferring to your mother in a two piece bathing suit. similar to "YOUR MOM."
one kid: Man, i heard you were a little bitch.
The other kid: Your mom in a two piece.
by evan c October 25, 2007
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