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1 definition by Eugene R. Jenkins

A group name referred to by a close group of friends (origin, Miami University).

Usually socially unrefined, DOZ love everything in excess, and have no problem being the loudest people in the room. The origin of the DOZ is debatible, but is definitely not related to the Notre Dame Domers. It's more closely related to Homer's Doh! sound. As in, look at that group of doz - they are so obnoxious... and yet, so cool!

Befriend a member of the Doz by offering Ranch or something fried, liking pop music, watching way too much TV, and obsessing about celebrities.
Let's get the DOZ together for a trip to Gatlentrife. Did anyone bring the Fry Daddy? Is a case of beer for each person enough?
by Eugene R. Jenkins September 29, 2006
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