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8 definitions by Eugene M. Kim

Pronunciation: IPA /mai'speikə,hə,lik/
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): -s
Etymology: American registered trademark MySpace™ + -coholic (from modern English alcoholic)

1 : one who is addicted to compulsive and/or excessive use of MySpace
2 : one who is unable to carry out normal daily tasks due to compulsive use of MySpace
Damn, you joined MySpace only last week and you're already a myspacoholic... Get a life!

She's such a pathetic myspacoholic... She won't go to school or find a job, she just spends all her time in front of that damned computer!
by Eugene M. Kim October 13, 2005
Function: verb
Inflected forms: miggled, miggling
Etymology: Modern English decontraction of MGL (Milpitas Golfland), a video game arcade in Milpitas, CA, US.

Intransitive senses:

1 : (M~) to go play at Milpitas Golfland

2 : to have fun at a video game arcade, often in a social setting with friends and other people
``Are you gonna Miggle tonight?''

``Oh, come on, you should come miggle with us some time, and beat Cynan's ass at Soul Caliber 2.''
by Eugene M. Kim January 24, 2004
Function: adjective
Etymology: tri- + decadal
: of or belonging to thirty years
He's turning tridecadal this Friday!
by Eugene M. Kim June 28, 2005
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -ed/-ing/-es
Etymology: umphasis + -ize

a : to dissolve an Umph tablet into a drink
b : to caffeinate
Careful, that soda's umphasized!
by Eugene M. Kim February 14, 2005
Function: noun
Inflected form(s): umphases (plural)
Etymology: Umph (high-caffeine seltzer tablet) + -sis

a : dissolving an Umph tablet into a drink
b : heavily caffeinating a drink
Too much umphasis is detrimental to your health.
by Eugene M. Kim February 14, 2005
Past form/past participle of umphasize.
Yeah, I umphasized myself too much this morning... And I'm having a bad headache now. x_x

Umphasized Diet Ice = <3
by Eugene M. Kim May 05, 2005
Function: abbreviation

Policy Of Least Astonishment, a principle in interface design/engineering that existing practices and expectations should not be changed without enough prior notice and discussion, in order to avoid catching other colleagues with unexpected confusion and/or frustration.

Repeated violation of POLA is often a sign of a prima donna (someone with an egotistical "my way, or no way" attitude).
Hey, good job violating POLA by negating the return value of that function... Do you even realize you just broke the entire thing for 6289367918234 days until the others fix their own code that calls your function?
by Eugene M. Kim October 24, 2005