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Similar to the game "punch buggy" the PRIUS POKE involves a light poke to the person next to you upon seeing a Prius. The same finger must then used by the poker to PRIUS POINT to the car that inspired the POKE. If however, you accidentally PRIUS POKE for a non-Prius (ex: Honda Insight) then the poked party may double poke back in response. However if the offending car is found to actually BE a Prius, a single, four finger poke is allowed as recompense. Additionally, a double poke is allowed if you are driving IN a Prius and you see the SAME colored Prius as the car you're in.
Two friends drive along. The driver pokes the passenger.

Passenger: "Hey man, what was..?"

The driver points to a silver Prius parked a block away.

Driver: "Prius Poke."

Passenger: "It better be. Or I will double poke your shoulder a new frickin' hole."
by Erroll Flint January 02, 2011

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