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(Refferring to US "voting".

Contrary to popular belief among young people who do not vote, you do NOT elect the president directly.

You actually choose people to vote, called electors. These electors promise that if they are elected, they will vote for either candidate. However, they do not have to hold to this, and last minute bribes can be done.

Sound unfair?
The world won't change if we don't stand up for our rights as a people, and choose the right decision for the community.

Barbara Boxer of California is currently trying to stop this.

(Voting, when not reffering to the above, basically means submitting any type of entry to choose something. Although it represents whatever is good for a group (what the group wants, not what it needs), it most likely ends up being a bad idea.)
In class we voted for what songs we wanted to play at the dance, but since our class was primarily immature sluts, they played a combination of annoying pop/rap.

You know, we could have done a lot better than the ape in the chair who enjoys pressing the big red button set up in front of him. Something tells me that what John Timor* told us is going to be true...

A guy who claimed to be from the future on some stupid forum, and whom I doubt. What he had to say would be pretty good for a scifi novel, even if it was most likely fake. (Johntimor.com)
by Erin "Canifis" Murphy January 17, 2005

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