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downloadable content; an attempt by developers to increase the longevity (replay value) and profitability of their games. DLC is often frivolous but can be significant enough to damage the game’s continuity, difficulty, or overall value.
DLC Chump: “I bought a silly hat for my TF2 character!”
Acumen: “… Why?”
by Erilis000 June 28, 2011

1. moving with graceful chaos
2. with a random ebb and flow


2011; a combination of spiral which comes from the Latin spīra meaning 'coiled', and tide which originally meant 'time'.
The tiral leaves of vermilion and gold fluttered through the spring breeze as if moving in slow motion.
by Erilis000 April 04, 2011
a person who condemns homosexuality but is secretly gay himself (typically one associated with the right wing).
George Allen Wreckers, Christian anti-gay activist, was caught using rent-boy.com? What a fag!
by Erilis000 May 08, 2010

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