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The Frederick Douglass (fred-rik, -er-ik duhg-luhs) refers to the hair style worn by famous African-American historical figure Frederick Douglass. The Frederick Douglass is predominately worn by African-American men and features voluminous hair and a side part. The Frederick Douglass is a non-discriminatory hairstyle and can be worn by anyone, but does require a degree of masculinity and volume.

The length of an individuals Frederick Douglas can vary from approximately an inch to shoulder length hair.

Google Image Frederick Douglass for pictures.
So Fly!
Did you see Corey's new do? He got the Frederick Douglass! So fly! Way cooler than that loser Damaris with his frohawk.
by Erika B September 24, 2009
A frohawk is an African-American hairstyle worn predominately by men. The Frohawk can be characterized as somewhere between a flat top and a mohawk; they are usually worn short, but fairly wide. Frohawk's are currently very popular despite the impracticality of the hair-do.
Joey got a Frohawk because Dante, Mike and all the other guys on his team had them. He should have gotten The Frederick Douglass because it's way more fly AND practical. He wouldn't have to shave off a Frederick Douglass for his office job this summer.
by Erika B September 24, 2009
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