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A title apparantly given to fans of the "Final Fantasy" series who favor the 7th installment above the rest. Has risen about after the frustration caused by the 'overhype' of Final Fantasy 7, a game which partly defined our gamers and gaming (industry) today.

This term was one individual's label for the enormous mass of fans who sometimes ignorantly and obnoxiously plague the internet with thier annoyance while arising arguments from frustarted gamers with opposing views. The difference between a Final Fantasy 7 fan and a Final Fanboy 7 is, in most cases, one-sided ignorance.
Because it was my introduction to the series, and probably because it was the darkest of all the "Final Fantasies" I am a loyal fan to the game(FF7). However, because I am not pron to spam forums with ignorant and one-sided messages such as: Cloud/Sephiroth/Tifa is the Coolest/Hottest FF character EVER!!! I am not a Final Fanboy 7.
by Eric Webb June 22, 2006

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