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N. In a fight, someone who is terribly outmatched by their opponent, and gets beaten quite easily, with no glory going to the victor.
The president of the chess club was little more than a tomato can when he picked a fight with the captain of the wrestling team.
by Eric Ibrey Dean August 23, 2005
N. A combination of the words "skeleton" and "Zombie". A Sklombie is a zombie that has decayed to the point of being little more than skin stretched over bone, with little or no meat in between.
The zombies pursued us, but the sklombies, having no muscle tissue left, just lay about moaning as we passed.
by Eric Ibrey Dean August 23, 2005
N. A fart that gets trapped between your thighs and a plastic chair, and then slides out like a bubble, finally escaping with a "pop" noise.
V. To expell a spleeb.
Travis tried to pass gas quietly, but the plastic chairs in the classroom caused him to spleeb.
by Eric Ibrey Dean August 23, 2005
n. one who militiches.
v. to stall, in the context of an athletic competition, usually with the intention of securing a victory.
Wrestling: "Aww, c'mon. He's just holding him there waiting for the time to run out. He's militiching him!"
Football: The quarterback militiched by dropping to a knee until the clock ran out.
by Eric Ibrey Dean August 23, 2005

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